Year 7

Program Overview

Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5
Unit title MYP Maths Survival Guide Surrounded by Angles Greater Than the Sum of its Parts How Much is Too Much? Class Rules
Strand Geometry and trigonometry Number Geometry and trigonometry Algebra
Key Concept Form Logic Form Relationships
Related Concept Measurement and space Quantity and representation Space and quantity Patterns and representations
Global Context Scientific and technical innovation Identities and relationships Globalisation and sustainability Identities and relationships
Statement of Inquiry Understanding form, measurement and space can help enhance creativity Decision making can be improved by using a model to represent relationships Using finite resources responsibly must be taken into consideration when designing structures Spotting patterns to construct general statements can enhance planning and sustainability
Objectives A, B, and C A, B, C and D A, C, and D A, B and C
ATL Skills Creative thinking Communication Research Collaboration
Content Summary Approaches to learning, assessment criteria Angle measurement, construction, classification, facts and application. Identification of polygons and their properties. Basic operations with and applications of fractions, decimals and percentages. Units of measurement and converting between them. Perimeter,
area of 2D shapes and 2D composite shapes. Volume and capacity.
Describe patterns using formulae, use inverse operationsto solve one and two step equations. Construct and solve equations from word problems.